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    The Easiest Way to Reduce PDF Size

    I think we've all been there before. You have a PDF that you need to attach to an email or submit to a database, but when you go to send or submit it you get an error message that your file is too large. What now? 

    If you have the full [paid version] Adobe Acrobat program you can use the Save as reduced sized PDF option in the File menu. However, most people use Adobe Reader and don't have that option. 

    The easiest way to reduce PDF size is to:


    1. Head over to
    2. Drag & Drop or uplaod your file to the site
    3. Accept and Save the compressed file


    Simple right? It is. Small is a completely free service that works on the cloud so there is nothing to download and no free trail period ending to worry about. You don't even have to sign-up or log-in to use it! In a matter of seconds your new file is ready still retaining great quality.

    Note: Small saves the reduced pdf as:

    Your document name[].pdf 

    If you don't want to save it as such with the free advertisement just open and save as and replace the original PDF document or simply re-name the file in the folder where you saved it.