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    The goal of the Productivity Lab is to collaborate with you and see what things that you don’t want to do, don’t know how to do, or don’t have time to do so that you increase your productivity.  We take the time to find out about you and your goals and create solutions that enhance the big picture with the goals and milestones you have established. This means instead of being mired down in paperwork or other administrative tasks you can set your sights on growing your business or having more free time.

     My name is Jamie Mosley, I title myself as a Virtual Administrative Consultant for this reason: An assistant takes a task and completes it not looking at the big picture and just their specific part of the "machine" so to speak. However, in my many years in the Administrative and Executive Assistant field this is not the most productive way to operate to become a value-added service provider for an enterprise. In my role as Business Manager and now Owner I understand more of your goals, motivations, and concerns so that I can ask the right questions and make  useful suggestions to make the most of your scarce time.

    This is why I named my company Productivity Lab. I want to establish long-term collaborative relationships with business owners so that they are freed up to be more productive (organized, profitable, creative) in their ventures. How can you be the visionary and drive your enterprise in the direction that it needs to go if you are mired down in the mundane administrative or technical tasks that can be handed off to someone else?


    I have been working in the Executive administrative support and Customer Service industry for more than 15 years - always staying abreast of the newest technology and trends. I have always had a knack for organizing and developing processes to increase efficiency. I did not realize that my expertise in learning and using new software was a unique skill until about 2004. This was just about the same time that the virtual assistant industry began to grow. With the birth of my twin sons in 2009 and the fall of the national (and my personal) economy I decided it was the correct time to take the leap and start my own business doing something that I'm good at, have a passion for, and would allow me to be the kind of parent that she wanted to be.  I also saw that many people are starting their own small businesses due to high unemployment and providing my services would allow these other business owners to spend less time on unfamiliar administrative tasks, while increasing their bottom line by focusing on revenue generating activities . Additionally, I saw that those that are still employed are asked to do more and more as corporate budgets and personnel are cut and would most likely pay to have more personal time to themselves. That, in short, is how Productivity Lab was born.











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