The Solution is Closer Than You Think
Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 4:05PM
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The Solution is Closer Than You Think


There are times when you may feel overwhelmed, feel like you need to complete a task yourself, or maybe you’re sitting there looking at starting your business saying to yourself, “I don’t know where to start!”

There may even be a number of reasons for your overwhelm:

  • Haven’t created a clear plan
  • Set unrealistic time frames
  • Procrastinated and now the date is upon you and some unexpected events got in the way
  • Inefficient use of time (not delegating)
  • Allowed self-doubt to get the best of you
  • Didn’t ask for help

As the saying goes, “you either have reasons or results.” The good news is you have gotten yourself right where you are today and you can change your tomorrow. The next time you are wondering how to solve a situation, ask one simple question:

“Who is in my life right now to help?”

As most of you know, when I was looking for a new assistant, I sat for a moment and asked this very question. Almost instantly, a former coworker came to mind. One phone call later and I had my assistant hired. Later, when she had to take a leave of absence, another assistant that I had connected with years earlier popped into my head after asking this question. A phone call later and she was able to take over.

When you’re asking this question, look at:

  • Your social media networks
  • Your business networks
  • Your current surroundings, like family and friends
  • Local resources

Remember to always nurture those networks and relationships. You never know when you’ll need to tap into them. Start asking others to help with the workload or seek out a mentor or expert who can help you.

The most complex need or request can easily be solved by asking this simple question. So the next time you are faced with a problem or challenge, look around. Your solution is closer than you realize.


Lisa Mininni is a Best Selling Author and President of Excellerate Associates - home of The Entrepreneurial Edge SystemTM, a national program showing small business owners how their clients find them, choose them, and buy from them.

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